Doran Star Story

Doran Star was the alias given to the Narra during Wraith Squadron's Mission to Storinal. The name was derived from Kell Tainer's, who acted as the shuttle's pilot, original family name Doran.

Narra was a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle used by Wraith Squadron during the campaign against Warlord Zsinj.

The shuttle was originally used by a former Imperial officer turned smuggler, but was later captured and renamed by the Rebel Alliance.

It had a secret smuggling compartment, much like that of the Millennium Falcon, big enough to fit a whole person comfortably. This feature was used by Grinder during the mission to Revos on Storinal and by Castin Donn to sneak aboard the Iron Fist.


* "Pretty. What do we blow up first?"
―Wraith Squadron motto, first coined by Myn Donos[src]
Wraith Squadron, originally dubbed Gray Squadron, and also known as the Wraiths, was a hybrid New Republic starfighter/commando unit developed in 7.5 ABY by Wedge Antilles. The original Wraith Squadron was largely made up of wash-outs and misfits, which gave the unit a number of psychologically and emotionally unstable pilots, albeit experienced members of the military with useful commando skills. The Wraiths were designed to fulfill the mission responsibilities of both a traditional starfighter squadron and a commando unit—a revolutionary concept in tactics for the New Republic, and one that its founder felt was an essential development for the New Republic.

The Wraiths first saw action against Admiral Apwar Trigit, which resulted in the destruction of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Implacable and the death of Trigit following a prolonged campaign that started with the Wraiths' seizure of the modified Corellian corvette Night Caller. Following Trigit's demise in the Battle of Ession, they continued to mount a number of often unorthodox covert operations against Warlord Zsinj. At one point, members of Wraith Squadron posed as a pirate group in an attempt to become employed by Zsinj. They were successful in that aim, which allowed them to assist in the destruction of the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Razor's Kiss. During this time, Garik Loran assumed command of Wraith Squadron from Wedge Antilles. Afterward, they returned to more normal fleet service in a lengthy campaign against Zsinj, culminating in the Battle of Selaggis, an engagement made possible by a double agent from Wraith Squadron who was stationed aboard Zsinj's flagship, the Iron Fist. At Selaggis, the Wraiths helped scatter Zsinj's forces, believing they had destroyed the Iron Fist and largely defeated Zsinj himself.

Their success was such that the unit was then moved from Starfighter Command to the New Republic Intelligence Service, undertaking missions such as the elimination of Imperial admiral Kosh Teradoc in 13 ABY. Wraith Squadron continued to play a vital, if unique role in the military into the Yuuzhan Vong War, during which its members jammed yammosk war coordinators, flew covert missions behind enemy lines, crafted a psychological campaign by helping Jaina Solo impersonate a Yuuzhan Vong deity, and infiltrated Coruscant. After the New Republic government transitioned into the Galactic Alliance, the Wraiths served the reformed government through the Swarm War.

Following the Second Galactic Civil War, the Wraiths were viewed with suspicion by the new Daala administration and disbanded. However, Daala's ousting in 43 ABY by the Jedi Order gave the Wraiths a new chance at life when former commander Garik Loran was asked by the head of Galactic Alliance Security, Borath Maddeus, to investigate the chief of the Galactic Alliance Army, General Stavin Thaal, for treason. Loran unofficially assembled two Wraith Squadron teams led by unit veterans, one under Bhindi Drayson and another under Sharr Latt, and kept them isolated from each other. The two units separately discovered evidence of Thaal's duplicity while Loran was also able to implicate Maddeus as a co-conspirator with Thaal. Following Thaal's and Maddeus's exposure, Loran was promoted to head of Galactic Alliance Security and unofficially reinstated Wraith Squadron.



* The Mission to Storinal was a Wraith Squadron covert operation with a goal of protecting their assumed collective identity as the crew of the Night Caller.
The Mission to Storinal
After their successful escape from the pirates at M2398-3,Warlord Zsinj, still believing Captain Darillian alive, contacted the Wraiths to inform them they were shadowed. Face, acting as Darillian, proposed to ambush his pursuers, but Zsinj ordered him to join with Admiral Trigit instead for another mission. But before, Night Caller was to rendezvous with another of Zsinj's vessels, the Hawkbat to receive additional intel and supplies.

This new turn of events put the Wraiths in dire risk of discovery, since the Hawkbat captain, Bock Nabyl, wanted a meeting with Darillian face to face, and as a secondary problem, they lacked two TIE fighters from the Night Caller complement. Falynn Sandskimmer told them that wouldn't be too much of a problem: TIE fighters were readily available nigh everywhere around them, and stealing two wouldn't be too much of a challenge for the Wraiths. Ton Phanan then proposed that they simply show up at the rendezvous under a quarantine flag, but Wedge dismissed the idea, stating it would raise Zsinj' suspicion. Face then proposed to infect the Hawkbat crew instead, to divert any suspicion of Zsinj upon the Hawkbat. Wedge was highly skeptical, but Phanan chimed in, stating that if they could find a planet were the Hawkbat would grant its crew some shore leave, infecting them would be easy, since any planet with a spaceport automatically had some sort of disease containment center to treat incoming ships under quarantine. With his skills as a doctor, he could easily identify and handle an infectious agent and lavish it on the Hawkbat crewmen.


* Kell Tainer 

Kell Tainer was a Human male pilot, commando and member of Wraith Squadron starting from its inception in 7 ABY. A naturalized citizen of Sluis Van, he was a skilled demolitions expert, hand-to-hand combatant, and starfighter mechanic. Tainer's last name was originally Doran, but his family changed his name after Kell's father, Kissek Doran, earned a label of cowardice while serving as a starfighter pilot for the Rebel Alliance. Kell served in the commandos for some time before transferring to Starfighter Command, participating in the Second Battle of Borleias with distinction.

Seeking to clear his family name, Tainer transferred into starfighters, but was not as successful as he was in the commandos. Tainer was recruited into Wraith Squadron, though much to his dismay he encountered Wes Janson, the man who had killed his father. Kell, however, performed admirably in the Wraiths as an X-wing pilot, a mechanic, and as a demolitions expert. Service in the Wraiths improved Tainer's emotional stability, and he was able to reconcile with Janson and realize that he was unsuited for command. He served in the missions to defeat Apwar Trigit and later Warlord Zsinj, and became romantically involved with fellow Wraith Tyria Sarkin, whom he later married. The couple had two children, a son named Doran and a daughter named Jesmin, both of whom were Force-sensitive. Tainer remained in the Wraiths after they transferred to Intelligence and participated in a mission on Ryvester to eliminate Imperial admiral Kosh Teradoc, creating a bomb that Teradoc was conned into taking into his private vaults and research labs, where it exploded. Tainer was still active as of the Yuuzhan Vong War, assisting in the defense of Borleias and with the infiltration of occupied Coruscant. Following the end of that conflict, he retired from the military. Years later, Tainer served as an explosives technician on Kessel in order to prematurely detonate alien explosives packages buried in tunnels beneath the surfaces.


* A pilot, sometimes called a flyboy, directly controlled the operation of a vehicle while located within the same craft. A pilot was often assisted by a copilot, navigator, astromech droid, weapons officer, or other crew members. The term "pilot" was applied across vehicles used on land or in water, air, and/or space.

The military designation for a pilot was PL-1. Whether this applied to all pilots or only starfighter pilots is unknown.

On smaller ships, the word pilot and captain were interchangeable, but on larger vessels, the pilots were rarely the commanders of the vessels.

Starship captains, because of their generally piloting small-scale starships, were sometimes referred to informally as "flyboy."